Dan & Dave Jazz Duo (Press Kit)

1. “Blue Monk” by Thelonius Monk (Blues) 00:02
2. “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim (Bossa Nova) 01:05
3. “Darn That Dream” by Jimmy Van Heusen (Ballad) 02:08
4. “Ornithology” by Charlie Parker (Bebop) 03:28

Dan & Dave ジャズデュオ

ギタリストのDan Cosley(ダン・コスリー)とベーシストのDave Moss(デイブ・モス)が親密で心地よいジャズを{VENUE NAME}にお届けします。


Dan Cosley(ダン・コスリー)


Dave Moss(デイブ・モス)


Dan & Daveの本物のジャズサウンドは、自発的なインタープレイ、聴き手を魅了する楽器の響き、躍動感あふれるリズム、そして革新的なメロディックな即興の融合です。

Dan & Dave Jazz Duo

Guitarist Dan Cosley and bassist Dave Moss bring intimate and warm jazz to {VENUE NAME}.

Drawing from American Jazz Standards, Bossa Nova & Latin, as well as Popular and Folk traditions, Dan & Dave’s exciting interplay is sure to relax and entertain.

A Chicago native, Dan Cosley has established himself as an internationally recognized guitarist, composer, and improviser. One of a very few guitarists to play both classical and jazz, Dan incorporates a wide palette of approaches and techniques into his music making. Dan relocated to Kyoto in 2017 and has quickly established himself as one of the most in-demand guitarists and teachers in Kansai.

Dave Moss, an electric and double bassist, lived in New York City for nearly 13 years and has since relocated to Kyoto, Japan as of January, 2016.  During his time in New York City he performed and collaborated with a host of important jazz artists. One of the biggest moments for Moss, was meeting his long-time hero, Ornette Coleman. This introduction led to 8 years of deeply transformational meetings and sessions.

Dan & Dave’s authentic jazz sound is a unique blend of spontaneous interplay, rich instrumental sonority, rhythmic drive, and innovative melodic improvisation.