Modes for Guitar

A Complete Guide to the 21 Modes of Major, Melodic Minor, & Harmonic Minor Scale Harmony

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Introduction & Overview

This course deeply explores the 21 modes of Major, Melodic Minor, & Harmonic Minor scale harmony.

Its primary fingering approach is the widely-used Three-Note-Per-String (3NPS) approach; this interlocks with the “CAGED” approach taken on this site’s Scale & Interval Patterns course, allowing for deeper understanding & memory development. 

Complete with modal chord voicings for harmonic context, it also includes diagrams of the entire neck for each mode, along with guided improvisations to develop aural skills and real-world fluency.

Though this course includes music theory, its primary focus is on the practicalities of recognizing, practicing, and memorizing the 21 modes and their corresponding harmonies, in every key, on the guitar.


Major, Melodic Minor, & Harmonic Minor scale modes are essential knowledge for the modern improviser & composer. Your reading, aural skills, and technique will continually improve if you integrate this material into your daily practice; the course closes with a detailed six-week practice plan to show you how.

By relating the modes to modal chord voicings,  you’ll develop a solid grasp of the fret-board, and also a keen ear for the building blocks of melody and harmony; a giant step towards fret-board mastery!

Chapter One: Modes of Major: Root 4 (3NPS)

1. Introduction to Modes

2. Lydian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Lydian: Root 4 (3NPS)

3. Ionian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Ionian: Root 4 (3NPS)

4. Mixolydian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Mixolydian: Root 4 (3NPS)

5. Dorian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Dorian: Root 4 (3NPS)

6. Aeolian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Aeolian: Root 4 (3NPS)

7. Phrygian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Phrygian: Root 4 (3NPS)

8. Locrian: Root 4 (3NPS)

C Locrian: Root 4 (3NPS)

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“Comprehensive training in fret-board harmony, aural skills, & improvisation. Empowering guitarists of all styles & levels on the path to musical fluency.”