Film & TV

KUMO, 2021 (directed by Minami Goto, music by Dan Cosley, TOEI Studios, Kyoto, Japan) 

In 2021, I composed and produced my first score for a major studio: Kumo, a jidaigeki, or period film, produced at Japan’s iconic TOEI studios as part of the 2020 Kyoto Filmmakers Lab. 

Scored for piccolo, flute, cello, bass, two harps, large & small bass drums, snare & side drums, suspended cymbals, and bowed crotales. 

The music is sometimes reflective, sometimes thunderous, conjuring the spirit of traditional Japanese music (Noh, and koto music, in particular) without tipping into literalism.

Kumo debuted in Kyoto in 2021 and was featured at Tokyo’s 2022 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA).

TYPHOON GIRL, 2021 (directed by Ryoma Masumoto)

While working on Kumo, I met director Ryoma Masumoto, who invited me to score six scenes of his television drama Typhoon Girl.

I played guitar, bass, percussion, piano, arranged horns, etc. It’s an eclectic score for an intriguing supernatural story.

Typhoon Girl aired on several Japanese television networks in 2021.