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Leo Brouwer’s Estudios Sencillos #1-5: Interplay of Technique & Expression

The Segovia Scales: Foundations of Classical Guitar Technique

7th Chord Arpeggio Permutations, Contours, & Chord Cycles (à la John Coltrane)

Bebop Scales & Harmonization (Thank You, Barry Harris)

Four-Part Quartal Chord Voicings: Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, & Harmonic Major (Béla Bartók, McCoy Tyner)

Pat Martino’s Linear Expressions – Phase I in all 12 keys, Cycle of Fourths

Triads with Doublings and Suspended 4ths (Harmonized Scale: “D” Harmonic Minor)

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Kyoto to Seattle

I am relocating to Seattle on September 6th after five years and three months of Kyoto living.

I am sad to leave Japan and excited for life in the NW – it’s a complicated, blended feeling that I am unable to express in words…

Barry Lyndon!