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360 Double-Stroke Right-Hand Combinations

Practicing even a “handful” of the 360 possible double-stroke right-hand combinations will rapidly improve right-hand independence and flexibility.

The example below shows the first four combinations, realized on string group 6321:

String groups with an unused string (or two) between “m” and “a” are particularly important for developing strength and flexibility in the weaker (“m & a”) side of the right hand.

Here are the same four combinations on string set 6431:

Experiment with different degrees of separation between right-hand fingers, and also different rhythms, accents, and dynamics.

For reference, here are the 15 possible four-string groups:

Download the PDF below for a list of all 360 combinations:

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Right Hand Fingering & String Grouping Permutations

A few years ago, I calculated an exhaustive list of right-hand pattern and string grouping permutations.

This has proven very useful for right-hand practice and composing unique arpeggio patterns, etc.

If you practice the same exercises each time you pick up the guitar, why not mix it up a bit?