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Practice Tools

The link below leads to a Google Colab notebook that randomly generates musical structures for improvisation practice and composition, components of a larger project I’m working on called the Musical Schema Generator


Click the link below. Press the play icons to generate material. Please leave comments or requests!–aMep?usp=sharing

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Four-Part Quartal Chord Voicings: Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, & Harmonic Major

This post explores four-part quartal chord voicings on the three adjacent string sets through Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, & Harmonic Major scale harmony.

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Bebop Scales & Harmonization

This post explores voice-leading major & minor 6th & 7th chords, dominant♭5, dominant♭9 & fully-diminished 7th chords, and more, through Bebop Major, Bebop Minor, Bebop Dominant, & Bebop Dominant♭5 scales, along with one & two octave scale fingerings, chord alterations & substitutions.