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Four-Part Quartal Chord Voicings: Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, & Harmonic Major (Béla Bartók, McCoy Tyner)

This post explores four-part quartal chord voicings on the three adjacent string sets through Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, & Harmonic Major scale harmony.

These structures are often associated with Béla Bartók and McCoy Tyner and have become an important aspect of “modern” guitar playing.

Play through the following exercises. Try transposing these exercises into other keys once you become familiar with the various chord forms. Reduce the chords to three or two-string forms for more clarity.

The Quartal Chord Voicing Book for Guitar: A Complete Guide to Harmony in Fourths

The Quartal Chord Voicing Book for Guitar is a comprehensive text covering the logic behind “quartal” or “fourths” voicings and their application to harmonic progressions, voice-leading, chord-melody, and comping. 

This ground-breaking resource investigates/includes:

  • How “quartal” voicings are formed, and their application to the guitar
  • Complete overview of four-part and three-part quartal voicings on seven string sets
  • Similarities and differences between tonal/modal harmony, and tertian(3rds)/quartal(4ths) voicings
  • Deep exploration of four-part quartal chord forms in all Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Harmonic Major keys 
  • Memorization exercises to efficiently assimilate the forms
  • Special topics include: five and six-part voicings, quartal chord-based linear improvisation, neighbor tone voicings, harmonizing modal melodies
  • TAB, standard notation, diagrams, and comprehensive charts for practice and reference

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