7th Arpeggios Arpeggios CAGED Positional Arpeggios

7th Chord Arpeggios (Positional, CAGED)

These arpeggio fingerings correspond to the major scale fingerings on this blog. Note that I have included all of the chord tones within each position.

Practicing arpeggios from the root of a given harmony is useful but insufficient.

Smooth voice-leading is achieved through stepwise resolution, not melodically arbitrary leaps to the same factor of each harmony.

That said, I feel it is vital to pay special attention to the root of these shapes, as it is the basis for moving them around the fretboard. Hearing the root first will also attune the ear to the quality (major, dominant, minor, half-diminished) of each seventh chord.

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  • Nine comprehensive studies on the Autumn Leaves chord progression 
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