Wisdom of Chick Corea

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The recent passing of Chick Corea hit me harder than I could have anticipated, but I’ve found consolation these past few weeks in his many recordings and instructional videos. The following advice, which closes one of his keyboard workshops, is characteristic of his self-determination and generosity of spirit:

“I believe that each one of us is basically responsible for the condition we’re in.

Whatever abilities or lack of abilities we find we have, we’ve had a definite hand in bringing that condition about, and we can change it.

Each of us has the power to make things happen, and we’re the only ones that can truly cause improvements with ourselves and with music, and with our lives.

So when you decide to study, when you decide to expand and improve, take one thing at a time, accomplish what you set out to do, set out to do things that you can accomplish and win at, get all distractions and counter intentions out of your way, and go ahead and win.

I know you can.

What else is there to do anyway?”

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