Chords Combinations Intervals

3-String Interval Voicings

Exploring interval combinations is a fascinating way to generate harmonies and a sure path to mastery of the fretboard.

Try fingering these voicings in various ways (different string groupings) and transpose them to other registers and key centers. As you practice these, think of the harmonic implications.

The Three-Note Chord Compendium: A Permutation-Based Harmony Workbook for Guitarists

The Three-Note Chord Compendium is the first mathematically-complete book on three-part guitar harmony ever published. 

Over 150 pages in length, it contains 1,820 unique chord forms for analysis and exploration: every possible combination of three notes on the instrument.

Also included: suggestions for fingerings, practice approach, and harmonic analysis.

An all-encompassing encyclopedic text, and an essential part of every guitarist’s reference library, this permutation-based workbook will enable you to:

  • Explore all of the possibilities for three-part harmony on the guitar
  • Develop a personal harmonic language through the discovery of unique chord voicings and harmonies
  • Improve analytical skills
  • Expand your harmonic palette exponentially
  • Reinforce your current knowledge base by the comprehensive review of three-note chords and arpeggios

Price: $19.99

Available exclusively from Please click here to view samples and purchase on

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