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4-String Quartal Voicings (Adjacent String Sets)

These quartal voicings sound amazing and are an easy way to incorporate more color into your playing.

They can be analyzed in a variety of ways (from various roots), making them particularly useful for chord embellishment and substitution.

The Quartal Chord Voicing Book for Guitar: A Complete Guide to Harmony in Fourths

The Quartal Chord Voicing Book for Guitar is a comprehensive text covering the logic behind “quartal” or “fourths” voicings and their application to harmonic progressions, voice-leading, chord-melody, and comping. 

This ground-breaking resource investigates/includes:

  • How “quartal” voicings are formed, and their application to the guitar
  • Complete overview of four-part and three-part quartal voicings on seven string sets
  • Similarities and differences between tonal/modal harmony, and tertian(3rds)/quartal(4ths) voicings
  • Deep exploration of four-part quartal chord forms in all Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Harmonic Major keys 
  • Memorization exercises to efficiently assimilate the forms
  • Special topics include: five and six-part voicings, quartal chord-based linear improvisation, neighbor tone voicings, harmonizing modal melodies
  • TAB, standard notation, diagrams, and comprehensive charts for practice and reference

Price: $21.99

Available exclusively from Please click here to view samples and purchase on

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